Our Context

We believe children are capable.

We believe children are explorers.

We believe children are confident.

We believe children are imaginers.

We believe children are creative.

We believe children are citizens.

We believe children are curious.

We believe children are MIGHTY LEARNERS


Harvest Pointe Daycare delivers a developmentally appropriate program for all children attending the center. The program provides for the development of each child’s social, physical, emotional and intellectual potential, including language skills and creativity. Children will be actively involved in the program planning and parents/guardians are asked for their input as well. The Educators are responsible for the development of a program in their classroom that meets the needs of the children. The program reflects the centers’ philosophy which includes: interest based child-directed play, open-ended inquiry, emergent curriculum, implementation of Flight and the whole child approach. 

Types of Play

Our center believes that “play is the work of children” as said by Maria Montessori. The types of play that our educators explore along side the children are:

Physical Play – body awareness, risk taking, boundaries

Language Play – rhymes, symbols, reading

Exploratory Play – sensory, nature, hypothesis 

Constructive Play – building, loose parts, trial/error

Fantasy Play – imagination, possibilities, dramatic 

Social Play – cooperative, problem solving, turn-taking

Expressive Play – music, art, writing

Spontaneous Play – free play, unstructured, child-directed