Our Philosophy

A Whole Child Approach

Our Philosophy is based on the children’s interests and the whole child approach. Educators provide meaningful learning experiences for children, build on children’s knowledge, offer opportunities for further development of skills, recognize children’s individual needs and plan a program that supports their developmental stage.

Educators observe the children’s interests on a daily basis and meet with their co-educators once a week and plan their play topic and intentional experiences. The experiences set up and facilitated by the Educators are open-ended, child-directed and playful. Play is how children experience their world and bring meaning to it. It models the social framework that builds relationships for life and kindles imagination. It is through play that children learn best.

The Whole Child approach ensures that each child is healthy, safe, engaged, supported and challenged and with this, we hope to provide long-term success for children.



Harvest Pointe Daycare implements Flight | Alberta’s Early Learning and Care Framework: Play, Participation and Possibilities into every day practice with children and families. The framework focuses on “broad holistic goals rather then specific outcomes for each subject area”

Holistic Play Based Goals: 

  • Well-Being
  • Play and Playfulness
  • Communication and Literacies
  • Diversity and Social Responsibility 

This framework inspires, provokes, and guides educators in their everyday work with children and their families – a framework of possibilities. Some of the possibilities include: 

  • nurturing children identity as a mighty learner and citizen
  • the value of play
  • ensure children’s play, learning, and development is visible for children, families, and educators
  • respecting family, social, and cultural practices and traditions 
  • reflect on the everyday experiences of children that are the basis of curriculum meaning making in early childhood communities  

To learn more about the Framework – check out the link below

Flight l Alberta’s Early Learning and Care Framework