About Us

Our Mission

To foster multifaceted growth, cultivate social skills, and promote creative exploration while encompassing the whole child approach in a safe and inclusive environment. 

Why we do what we do

Harvest Pointe Daycare is a family owned business and was dreamt up when we began to have our own children and were faced with the prospect of putting our own children into daycare.  Family and community connection have always been of utmost importance to us and with a background in social work, we understand the importance of the early childhood development years. The decision seemed natural to open our own daycare with these priorities at the forefront of our mind.

In each phase of the planning processing, we asked ourselves, what is the quality and experience that we would want our own children to have and how can we best support the children to grow up with a solid foundation created in their early childhood years? And so, step by step, Harvest Pointe Daycare was created with that in mind.

Still we strive to answer our own questions with a resounding YES each and every day.

Are we comfortable with our own children receiving the service and care we provide?

Are we doing what we can to ensure that the children in our centre grow up feeling confident and safe in the world?

Are we stimulating the child’s natural interests and engaging them in learning through play?

Truly we believe that these early years are so crucial and we feel a sense of responsibility for our part in helping the children at Harvest Pointe Daycare to grow and learn to be the best versions of themselves possible.

Our Program


  • 6000 Sq. Ft. facility
  • Full Time Enrollment
  • Licensed and Accredited facility
  • Subsidy Accepted
  • Inclusive Environment 
  • Reggio Inspired
  • Programming based off of children’s interest through observations and provocations.  
  • Implementation of the Alberta Curriculum Framework; FLIGHT
  • Large outdoor play space equipped with play-fall surface 
  • Parent Portal 
  • Screen Free Zone
  • Parent Resources
  • Partnership with Seden Centre for Child Development and Wellness
  • Ages & Stages Questionaires