Our program provides 85 spaces for children between the ages of 6 months – 6 years of age. We accept children of all abilities as we believe all children have the right to learn and be a citizen in our facility. 


Please note: 

  • We accept subsidy. 
  • We only offer 2-day and 3-day part time to children 2 yrs 7 months and older. 
  • Part time spots for children under 2 years 7 months will be made by the directors discretion and availability. 
  •  Half day kindergarten program fee available. Enrollment for kindergarten will be discussed with the director directly for eligibility.

    Please note: we do not provide transportation to and from the kindergarten programs. It is the parent’s responsibility to set up transportation for the child from an outside source. For example: If your child’s school will bus directly to Harvest Pointe Daycare, then we can accommodate pick up and drop off for your child at our front doors.

  • Our tuition fees are subject to an annual increase 

  • There is no fee to be added to our wait list.